Wound Care


1- Wound care product based on silver

Medical device class III. It is a spray based on ionic silver at 3% absorbed on zeolite indicated for wounds, abrasions, minor burns, injuries cutaneous, bedsores, etc. It allows the control of exudates creating a clean and moist that facilitates the natural healing process.

Key components:

  • Silver: potent antiseptic;
  • Zeolite: favours the healing process and coagulation;
  • Synergic action silver plus zeolite.

Consumer use:  injuries, burns, abrasions, wounds.

Hospital use: diabetic foot, infections, severe lesions.

Available in spray 125ml, 50ml and 30ml.

Compelling clinical evidence published in a study carried out in the hospital setting. The product has shown to be highly effective in chronic, severe, persistent lesions of the tegument and RESISTANT infections (including mycosis). Tolerability proved to be excellent.

2- Wound care products with patented bioactive colostrum

Three medical devices class IIa/b formulated in gel, cream and spray based on bioactive colostrum, hyaluronic acid and calendula indicated for the treatment of:

  • thermal, sun and radio burns;
  • pressure ulcers;
  • mucositis and afthae;
  • diabetic foot ulcers.

3- Wound care – Haemorrhoids and anal fissures

An innovative mucoadhesive non-greasy gel formulation registered as medical devices class IIA.

It contains:

  • biotech hyaluronic acid;
  • PVP/VA;
  • chlorhexidine;
  • plant extracts.

It forms a protective film which help hydration of the anal mucosa and promote tissue regeneration. Coadjuvant in the symptomatology associated with ano-rectal disturbances such as hemorrhoids, proctitis, anal and perianal fissures, before and after surgery.


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